Kathleen Hogue(non-registered)
Steve- Thank you for giving our nation some beautiful scenery to view and help keep our spirits up during the 2020 Coronavirus crisis. It helps us to stay home to keep others safe. Your contribution is appreciated!
Terry Needham(non-registered)
Steve, you have a very keen eye. Your photographs are BEAUTIFUL! THANK YOU for sharing.
Janis Dow(non-registered)
Beautiful,beautiful photographs.
Brad Short, Wyandotte Camera Club(non-registered)
Beautiful work, Steve. I hope you'll consider joining the WCC and sharing your inspirational work and training.
Kathleen Desmond, Professor of Art, UCM(non-registered)
I love your Thomas Hart Benton image, Steve. It reminds me of a Vermeer painting and I love Vermeer, who used a camera obscura, before the daguerreotype was even invented. The Plaza through the trees is, excellent contrast and composition, with an unusual point of view. Unique. The Penquin Court image has a quiet "feel." Intimate. Again, excellent contrast and composition, along with an emotional content and recognizable location/context. The Dale print is Awesome. Inspiring. Meditational. The Nelson Gallery in the Snow is a lovely image! Composition and contrast enhance the quality of this photograph. Just lovely! The Gazing Geese in Santa Fe is a symmetrical composition with interesting, minimal subject matter, making for a wonderful photograph! The High Road Cross has excellent lighting and color creating the "feel" of the High Road.
Kathleen J Hogue
I totally enjoyed my visit through your " Out of the box" photography concept. From your California weathered branches to your European brick walkway .....Loved your KC snowy stone fence and bridge and the orange hue windmill and sunrise at the school in the Flint Hills....the colors of the Sante Fe summer storm were outstanding! We need more walls in our home.

You should be proud to leave such a creative legacy.
Kathy Bradley(non-registered)
I love your photos-they are all beautiful! I'm proud to have some hanging in my home.
You are very talented my brother!
Louise Carlin(non-registered)
You have the 'trained eye' to view life and its subjects in a deeper and meaningful way. Thank you for sharing life through a lens.

Your work is beautiful....
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